Crystal Tuning Fork Clear Quartz Crystal SingingFork Heart Chakra 20/25mm Diameter


Powerful sound healing tool
Each tuning fork is coming with a free mallet. The color of the mallet is randomly sent
Packing carefully with case and foam, 100% Guarantee for the Broken or Lose during the Shipping!Any question,please contact the seller first.
Made from 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal

These high quality clear crystal singing tuning forks are made of over 99.9% quartz crystal.The sound is pure and relaxing, Excellent for meditation and healing.Perfect pitch help with the meditation and enlarge the healing. Crystal singing bowls are associated with the Chakra system of the human body, and correspondingly to the musical scale. Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel." Chakras are described as being shaped like multicolored lotus petals or spoked wheels which whirl at various speeds as they process energy. They are described in Hindu and Buddhist yogic literature. Both systems describe them differently, and their descriptions vary in Western literature as well . Experience the healing power of crystal energy bowls: • Open and clear your energy centers • Experience deep relaxation • Align with your soul purpose •


Crystal Tuning Fork Clear Quartz Crystal SingingFork Heart Chakra

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