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High quality handmade steel drum

Original factory manufacture

We are originally founded in 1992, is China's earliest production and marketing for Percussion Instrument (Steel Tongue Drum, Crystal Harp) and Sound Healing products (Crystal Harp, Healing Crystal Singing Bowl and Color Healing Tuning Fork).All products fully meet EN71, ASTM963-03, ST2002 and CE certification standards, as well as Europe and the United States the latest environmental requirements.Especially our independent research and development of Crystal Singing Bowl and Crystal Harp, there are very good reputation in sound healing.



are made with craftsmanship of philosophy, religion, culture, art, and are special blend of contemporary science and technology, vibration theory and novelty designs. Their music is delicate, elegant, with the flavor of Chinese traditional musical instruments, such as chimes, guqin, guzheng, and modern hand drums with strong penetrating power. Steel tongue drums are broadly used in religion as Buddhism, Confucian, Zen, yoga, Zen Tea, Music, and Sound Healing. They not only enhance our passion and ideal, also heal physically and mentally, and exalt spirituality and restore our natural beauty. Steel tongue drums are of rich tones, which clean the spirit with powerful penetration. When attentive playing with them, you keep same pace breathing with drums' sounding. While you are concentrating on both body and mind, it takes you naturally into extreme peace and equilibrium, awakening you to deep sensations on the sound your soul. In such a wonderful state, you are restored to where you originally should be, with the soul mate together.

Wuyou Drum | United States | WuYou Drum

WuYou drum also applies to prenatal education and early childhood education, helps to cultivate a sense of music, children playing with their hands will stimulate the nerve endings of the hand to enhance the coordination of left and right hand. It plays a good role in promoting children's brain development making young children eyes, ears, brain palm more dexterity coordination.

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