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8 Colors Crystal Light

8 Colors Crystal Light

SKU: colorlight
  • It includes 2 crystal lights and 8 natural crystal head with batteries in a metal case. 
  • Each case measures approx.5"(L) x8.5"(W) x2.25"(D), weighs approximately 1.5 Pounds. 
  • The crystal head can be changed to different colors as our 8pcs set shows.


Crystal Light Healing accesses the vibrational frequency of crystals through color, sound, light and sacred geometry. These frequencies are then resonated through our subtle bodies, chakras and higher vibrational points to stimulate healing.Crystal ColorLight Therapy is a healing modality that combines the powerful healing powers of Crystals and Color Therapy to help facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing and well-being.


Crystal Light Color Healing Light Torch 8 color heads FREE Suitcase, Meditation

    $599,99 Vanlig pris