2 sets of finger covers ( 8 pieces)  8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm 

Can be played on steel tongue drums, handpans or any other percussion musical instruments

Purple finger sets Rubber Hardness :  60 degrees

Blue finger sets Rubber hardness : 70 degrees 

( The hardness lever of the blue covers is slightly greater than purple ones, you can purchase according to your need)


Rubber Hardness Chart

A rubber durometer of Shore 70A is the most commonly chosen material hardness for all applications.

· a. Shore 20A = Rubber Band

· b. Shore 40A = Pencil Eraser

· c. Shore 60A = Car Tire Tread

· d. Shore 70A* = Running Shoe Sole

· e. Shore 80A = Leather Belt

· f. Shore 100A = Shopping Cart Wheel

*Most common durometer

Finger Covers (8 sets) for Steel Tongue Drum/ Handpan

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