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7 Chakra Metal Tuning Fork Set

7 Chakra Metal Tuning Fork Set

Powerful sound healing tool.Tuning Fork Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. You can hear the frequency, let resonance heal you.

It comes with 7 Bags, 7 Rubber Mallets and 7 Tuning Forks.

Optional upgrade is the Crystal 3D sticker, it has the 7 chakra symbol to it, strong attaching glue is included on the back.


  • 1st ROOT Chakra Red Color - 194.18Hz
  • 2nd SACRAL Chakra Orange Color - 210.42Hz
  • 3rd SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra Yellow Color - 126.22Hz
  • 4th HEART Chakra Green Color - 136.10Hz
  • 5th THROAT Chakra Blue Color - 141.27Hz
  • 6th 3RD EYE Chakra Indigo Color - 221.23Hz
  • 7th CROWN Chakra Violet Color - 172.06Hz
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